Busy Spring Market

Happy Friday House Hunters!Smile

We have been extremely busy since the start of the year. Busier than usual... We are confident we will see an extremely active spring market. Like we predicted the market is heavily driven by first time and foreign buyers. This is an extremely exciting market. Prices are still low however we are seeing the good listings sell extremely fast. There is lots of opportunity if you are wanting to sell and buy. With the current market destined to raise in average price, this is a very good time to make a move. Saying this if you are thinking about selling your current home GET READY NOW! As you can imagine most people take some time to get their property ready for sale. Our spring market usually starts to really gain momentum at the end of March. The Edmonton Real Estate market currently has 8,689 active listings. We should see and increase to upwards of 10,000 listings. We always get very excited for this momentum turn in the market. Saying all of this we can not express the importance of a pre-approval enough. Usually the pre-approval process is quick and hastle free. Knowing the numbers is crucial before we start helping you achieve your real estate goals. We have the best Mortgage contacts in the city and would be happy to forward their information to you. As always if you ever have questions or need any real estate servies please contact us. 

Have a Fantastic Friday!

-Ross Storoshenko

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