YEGs Booming Real Estate Market

February and March have been exciting to say the least. This market has been extremely active for buyer and sellers. It's easy to say that a professional, experienced agent is more important than ever right now. Business is fast paced and most deals have a lot of moving parts. Most homes that are listed well are receiving multiple offers. This means you must have a showing booked quickly and be ready to write an offer. Your agent must be prepared with comparable sales so you can establish value together. Last year we had many more homes to show you and there was more time to make a decision... this year is the complete opposite. Buyers must be ready and have the expectations and wants set before shopping.

Sellers this is your market! We are seeing some more homes coming on the market which has been increasing the inventory. Some areas remain low however we don't think this will last. I believe our market will balance out in the months to come. This means now is the time to list! Selling while inventory is low gives you less competition and more buyers. If you are thinking of making a move please reach out to us ASAP so we can help start planning together.

We thank you all for you continued support and business. As always we are here for your real estate needs!

- Ross Storoshenko

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